Attract and Retain Better CX Talent with Optimizing Technology

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Attract and Retain Better CX Talent with Optimizing Technology

Are your technology investments doing all they can to attract and retain the talent your contact center needs?

ESG research indicates that nine out of ten organizations are on a digital transformation (DX) journey. It is important to remember that DX involves people, process, and technology. While often the technology underpins and can enhance processes, organizations often overlook the value that properly implemented technology, and the resulting streamlined processes, can bring to attracting and retaining top talent.

Done correctly, it can engage, motivate, and inspire your employees.

As the “great resignation” depletes the talent pool, it is even more important to optimize technology deployments to enhance both customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

Here’s why …

Technology and humans go forward hand in hand

New technology advancements in the contact center market are designed to enable people to effectively manage more complex, demanding environments. It focuses their skills on providing enhanced CX to those customers with difficult or unpredictable problems, with empathy

Implemented correctly, the more routine and transactional processes can be handled by chatbots and voicebots, that may not require a more human focus.

Tightly Integrated CX solutions can provide customer service representatives with the right level of support when responding to more challenging or difficult queries. Done well and adopted as a valuable assistant by the employee , it can dramatically enhance their EX.

This technology not only helps employees to handle more difficult and complex issues, but also enables them to deliver results faster than before. Empowered by technology, employee workflows become more educational and less stressful. As a result they can be far more attractive to a relatively scarce CX talent pool.

Customer centric cloud-based cooperation

One technology that is rapidly gaining ground is a cloud-based CX environment.

Being cloud-based provides not only the flexibility to enable remote and hybrid work models, but it also facilitates customer centricity. These solutions have been designed to ensure work can flow more efficiently to the right expert, at the right time, irrespective of geographical borders and departmental boundaries.

The ancient proverb “Many hands make light work” is a great way to appreciate the power of harnessing resources more efficiently across your organization globally. Customers have little to no tolerance in organizational boundaries. They care about the resolution of their issues in a manner, language, and timeframe that works for them. That’s good CX!

Automated workflows that reflect the servicing needs of the customer, rather than location or departmental silos of your organization, make it easier to manage work distribution across the whole business more effectively. Plus, it also works well for attracting, developing, and retaining valuable talent. Creating a connected and inclusive team brings more expertise and experience together to deliver the organization’s goals.

Cloud-based CX technology enables employees to have greater variety in their work and create dynamic opportunities, which increases personal investment in the business. Providing employees with the chance to learn new skills, and be trained on new technology, makes them more valuable to the organization in the long term.

In summary

Attracting and retaining talent is set to be a challenge for the foreseeable future, with today’s skilled resources able to select the position that best meets their criteria.

However, the good news is that advances in contact center technology, combined with moving to the cloud, have put far more than business efficiency and growth at your fingertips. When deployed and optimized correctly, tightly integrated technology can make all the difference to acquiring and retaining the smartest people.

Your digital transformation has the power to unleash the true potential in your organization. It connects and enables people, processes and technology, so that the whole operates and performs far more efficiently, effectively and collaboratively than ever before.

So, if you’re not doing it already, make sure 2022 is the year your digital transformation does more to attract, develop, and retain the very best CX talent.

Did you know that placing high-caliber talent in the right place can boost digital transformation projects by up to 47%?

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