Why Hunt for Talent When You Can Farm It Yourself?

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Why Hunt for Talent When You Can Farm It Yourself?

Are you wasting time and money trying to find the best available talent when instead, you can build out a great team by farming it?

The ‘Great Resignation’ has made it even more difficult to build technology teams capable of supporting the multiple products within cutting-edge Customer Experience (CX) platforms. Talent shortages and the associated scramble for specialist IT resources is a global issue. With organizations hunting for scarce resources and then often struggling to train and retain them. It’s a recipe for ongoing performance issues, unhappy customers, and unsustainable business growth.

As a result, organizations need to transform how they think about talent acquisition and retention. They need to leverage a trusted partner that really knows how to acquire, train, and motivate IT resources (aka farm). One that enables you to realize the benefits of developing talent internally, including accelerating their time to value, learning the customer’s specific environment and driving higher retention rates with a well-thought out career progression. Given these advantages, isn’t it time to start farming your talent? Miratech can help you get started.

Miratech’s Talent Investment Program (M-TIP)

Miratech’s Talent Investment Program (M-TIP) was created to give you the delivery capability you need today, while nurturing the next crop of CX specialists to sustain your business growth. Plus, it can save you upwards of 50% on recruitment and onboarding costs.

Consider how many headhunters you’ve got working for you and the challenges you’re facing finding, training, and retaining technology talent. Using a partner who specializes in creating technology teams that can deliver value today and provide a path to ensure future talent is surely a smarter way to go.

Miratech has been discovering and nurturing great CX technology talent for over 20 years. We’ve already developed, tested, and proven our recruitment, training and mentoring approach for accelerating individuals’ skills acquisition and accreditation.

This talent investment model is born out of a commitment to relentless performance and a successful ‘mixed’ team approach. Our framework ensures ‘on-the-job’ skills coaching, and is augmented by a specialist technology support program delivered by our global team. It is a solution that ensures you can meet today’s requirements, while simultaneously developing tomorrow’s talent.

Amongst our talent investment programs’ many benefits is its proven track record of delivering 99% project success. This approach to rapidly developing talent offers clients a competitively priced IT talent solution that overcomes technology resource shortages.

By working in close partnership with the leading CX software and technology solution providers, Miratech meets all the criteria as a successful CX partner, enabling organizations to resolve issues up to 60% quicker.

Building effective technology teams today

So, how does it work?

Miratech is responsible for creating a team based on an organization’s specific requirements. Then, managing the development of that team leveraging  our proven delivery experience and methodology.

We maximize team diversity with a structured mentoring and governance framework to unlock creativity and innovation aligned with industry best practices. The approach ensures the team can deliver on immediate requirements, while also developing your desired future talent pool. It accelerates and manages resource development, with specialist training support, mentoring and accreditations, along with on-the-job experience.

Your HR teams and headhunters will no longer need to search the market for elusive IT resources, often trying to identify rarely found skill sets. Miratech can uncover and develop these for you, providing the specific mix of skills your organization requires.

We balance achieving results today with growing talent for continued success. It’s a fast, flexible, and future-thinking resourcing solution.

Save over 50% on recruitment and onboarding

There are also remarkable cost savings inherent in our sustainable resourcing model as hunting for talent can be a long and expensive process

In fact, clients can save over 50% on the costs of recruiting and onboarding new talent. In fact, our experience indicates that you could be spending as much as 350% more when you do it yourself, compared to leveraging Miratech’s Talent Investment Program.

Because building results-focused IT teams is Miratech’s core business we have all the structures and experience in place to identify, recruit and train talent that has the core capabilities for accelerated development. Our team training and mentoring systems means we can more readily bear the impact of employee ‘wash-off’, removing that risk and cost from our clients.

Our commitment to Employee Experience (EX) and our employee-centric focus are proven to inspire the ongoing delivery of relentless performance.

In some ways, we’re old hands at knowing how to cultivate the ‘right’ talent and how to optimize the effective yield from every employee in the program. Yet, we’re always using the very latest technology. We have all the skill sets and training modules in place and can leverage these, at speed, to upskill our teams when needed.

This is why  the Miratech Talent Investment Program is an extremely cost-effective solution for harvesting new CX talent and delivering real business outcomes.

In Summary

So, why hunt when you can farm?

M-TIP is a unique program. It reflects nature and sustainability by incorporating the ability to seed for the future while harvesting today’s crops.

It gives organizations the delivery resources they need now and provides a path to build future teams, by investing in low-cost, high-yield talent, mentored and governed by the industry experts – Miratech.

Save up to 350% by creating skilled CX teams with M-TIP info@miratechgroup.com.