Call Centers: The Forgotten Target in Cybersecurity

Call Centers: The Forgotten Target in Cybersecurity

Call Center Fraud Increased 113% Learn How to Keep Your System Protected

Organizations today exist in an omnichannel world. Unfortunately, many of them have focused on protecting their online channels at the expense of their call centers.

Call fraud is on the rise, which means call centers need to take the proper steps to ensure their customers` information is secure. But frequently those tasked with call center cybersecurity are simply overworked, understaffed, and outmatched by the technical challenges of maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity.


Among the challenges they face:

Uncertainly their Genesys environment is secure and an inability to monitor it properly
The threat of data leakage and its potential impact on their business
How to withstand Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks and what to do should it occur
The absence of sufficient skills among their team to ensure their Genesys platform has been set up correctly and there are no cyber threats while it`s operating

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