Miratech ControlCX Webinar

Miratech ControlCX Webinar

ControlCX: Guaranteed Success for Your Genesys Implementation Project

According to an IBM study, only 40% of projects meet schedule, budget, and quality goals. And it’s not necessarily the strategy or vision that leads to failure. The majority of the time with Genesys implementations the problem is that project management tools are either inadequate or simply aren’t in place.

Miratech’s ControlCX™ dashboard tracks and monitors every step of your Genesys implementation project. See data in real time to avoid failures like falling behind schedule or going over budget. With Control CX™ you can gain complete control of your Genesys project and guarantee success.

Learn how our proprietary project management process guarantees the success of your Genesys implementation and delivers the project on time and on. budget.


With Miratech’s ControlCX™ dashboard, you can monitor:



See everyone’s actions in real time

Real-Time Data

See data in real time so that you can make changes immediately


Keep records at each developmental stage so you can define inconsistencies and identify the underlying cause of all issues

Readiness Model

Get statistical data to determine your company’s progress and identify any issues along the way

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