The Cutting-Edge Contact Center: From Sci-Fi Fantasy to Reality

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The Cutting-Edge Contact Center: From Sci-Fi Fantasy to Reality

How Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology is transforming CX

NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is an essential tool for modern IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. It makes the communication process more natural and human by understanding the customer’s intent beyond just a fundamental level.

A Fortune 500 investment and insurance company engaged Miratech to modernize their legacy IVR system. The enterprise had an antiquated system that had not been updated for eight years and as a result client surveys showed low customer satisfaction. The enterprise made it clear that improving CX in the IVR system was vital for their company both in terms of business goals and technological requirements. The main priority was to increase satisfaction by delivering a better experience to both existing and new customers. This would require a retooling of their sales pipeline and the onboarding new clients.

There are multiple, significant benefits achieved by deploying NLU powered IVR systems. In this case, the most important one was that the client’s customers reported a significant jump in satisfaction with the modernized IVR system.

Overall, the enhanced speed, efficiency, and a more human interface received the most positive comments. In addition to this, the client’s employees reported that the transcription process in the new software allowed them to reread the conversation, which eliminated the customers having to repeat themselves. The company noted that AHT (average handle time) was significantly decreased; there were fewer transfers for customers, and a marked increase in customer satisfaction and customer retention. Across the board, customers, both existing and new, saw significant improvements in their satisfaction scores after Miratech modernized the IVR system and CX strategies in accordance with current contact center best practices.

As CX technology continues to evolve it will be interesting to see where NLU (and NLP) and future AI powered automation will change the way businesses handle client interaction.

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