Simple Issues That Could Cause Big Messes for Your Genesys Platform

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Simple Issues That Could Cause Big Messes for Your Genesys Platform

Miratech is often called in to troubleshoot issues and rescue failing Genesys implementations within contact centers. Between that, over 3 million hours of installing, customizing and operating the Genesys platform and over 200 dedicated Genesys consultants and engineers worldwide, it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all!

While contact centers often take the necessary steps to prevent big fires from occurring, we’ve seen some small issues cause some pretty big complications. We sat down with some key members of our technical team to hear their stories about simple issues that caused some of the biggest messes they’ve ever seen.

#1: One Typo That Completely Blocked System Functionality
There was a bug detected in a client’s Genesys system with the severity defined as ‘blocker’ or ‘blocker severity’, which means that it’s impossible to utilize the system functionality. With some investigation, we had found that the bug’s root cause was a typo in the email address of the original business requirements that were entered.

This simple issue of just one incorrect character in the name of a configuration object was actually just the tip of the iceberg. In the background, there were many other related system options that needed to be corrected. So, our technical team defined the list of objects to be modified and proceeded accurately and methodically to repair the whole chain of issues.

The only way to avoid issues like this is to make sure business representatives triple-check each and every character in the list of configuration objects and make sure the information is reviewed by more than one person.

#2: Improper Port Values That Created Hours of Unnecessary Work
The Genesys system is a group of Genesys servers that are interconnected. Genesys servers use different listening ports (port numbers) for communication channels. Within most systems, it is assumed that the ports are set to default. But, improper port value documentation can cause considerable difficulties in the maintenance of the Genesys environment, extremely complicate the troubleshooting process, and significantly increase the time for any actions within the entire system (because of the extra time to investigate and refine the configuration, even for a person proficient with the system), which means an increase in customer expenses.

This is what happened within our client’s Genesys System. The small issue of incorrect port values caused hours of unnecessary work, because the more complex the system, the more connections and network ports within it between the components. The connections between the components were not properly documented, so they had to be investigated each time with the system configuration.

To avoid this issue, we recommend always using the recommended ports from the documentation when installing and configuring the Genesys system. But if you choose to change them, use a change control process that includes proper documentation of the values and updates with changes in the system.

#3: Reporting That Caused a System Deadlock
In this case, as our client was trying to generate a report in Genesys the system went into “deadlock.” That means that the reporting process locked a data table that is needed for the dependent process, which blocks the process after that – basically, creating a stalemate.

The deadlock occurred because there were several requests being made to the database from several people trying to generate reports, resulting in a huge amount of requests simultaneously that caused the reporting process to take hours.

In order to correct this, we had to monitor the deadlock occurrences on the database to identify the most problematic time periods. Then, we redesigned the report request data flow, or “ETL (Extract, Transfer, and Load)” scripts to avoid them running during high loads.

Miratech Guarantees the Success of Your Genesys Implementation
As with all software packages, there are so many elements involved in a Genesys implementation, and as you can see, one small issue can cause huge issues system-wide. But when you partner with Miratech, we have the expertise and over 18 years of experience troubleshooting and resolving issues within Genesys. From our extensive planning strategy to our proprietary project management platform, our processes are streamlined to deliver your implementation one-time and on-budget, avoiding any small issues or big messes!

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