Genesys Predictive Routing

Genesys Predictive Routing

Miratech leverages Genesys PureEngage’s Predictive Routing functionalities to foresee your customers’ intent and align them with the best path to the fastest and easiest resolution.  You can minimize the IVR system and increase efficiency for your call center to revolutionize your customers’ experiences.

Helps You Determine the Reason for The Call

Establishing customer needs and purpose for calling enables you to direct them to the proper channel. Analyzing ebb and flow of monthly cycles and tracking other factors such as power outages or responses to email blasts allows you to be proactive in your support efforts. Optimizing IVR will streamline the customer experience, automatically connecting them to the right agent and diminishing wait times.

Reduces Repeat Contacts

By resolving issues quickly and efficiently, you will minimize the number of times a customer reaches out to your call center.  You can identify repeat callers and connect them to the same agent each time in order to eliminate the need to ask questions and voice concerns numerous times. Recognition of a customer and their issues is the key to streamlining the process and providing your customers with the best experience. Miratech creates the data sets that enable the agent to have customer records available on their dashboard. The issues that your call center is experiencing may not be due to technology, but rather, the process. Identifying the reasons behind repeat calls will get you to the root cause, provoking change in policy, messaging, and distribution.

Minimizes Options and Menu Complexity

Streamlining customer options and simplifying the menu will get them to the right channel as quickly as possible. Too many choices lead to confusion and frustration. By minimizing the menu complexity, efficiency increases and hold times decrease. This creates a seamless customer journey and positive support experience.


Identifies Priority Customers

Understand who your customers are and how they prefer to be contacted. By doing so, you can rank your customers’ needs and ensure that the greatest needs are met first. You can resolve priority customers’ issues more efficiently and enhance their experience.

Proactively Triage Contacts

Historical data enables you to predict what your customer needs, so you can reach out to them quickly. Using the Genesys dashboard, you will have access to analytics that records real time data and stores this information in their profile. With this information, you can proactively contact new customers to use a product or service or even upsell current customers on the newest products. By reaching out before problems arise, you can deliver the high value your customers expect.

Our highly skilled team of engineers utilizes the cutting-edge Genesys platform to survey real-time environment conditions. For instance, they can evaluate available service levels and agent occupancy, to allow for precise targeting of customer-to-agent in the moment. Ultimately, this leads to a successful business outcome. Moreover, as more customer-agent interactions are processed, the system is able to analyze historical data and context to predict future outcomes automatically, streamlining the process.

We know the Genesys dashboard inside and out because we developed the technology side by side with the Genesys team. We understand the Genesys dashboard’s potential and can determine how to best utilize its capabilities for your unique business model. Allow Miratech to bring vision of success to life.

Let Miratech Help You See The Future

Miratech helps you know what lies ahead with our predictive routing solution that uses customer history and trends to predict the future. We take your business to the next level by leveraging Genesys to revolutionize your customers’ experiences.