Genesys Omnichannel Engagement

Genesys Omnichannel Engagement

Designed for a flawless customer journey, Omnichannel engagement integrates inbound, outbound, and digital communication channels in a streamlined platform. At Miratech, we utilize this simplified process to facilitate smooth transmission across the Genesys dashboard. We leverage this cutting-edge technology to deliver fluid customer interaction, optimizing the entire customer experience. To assist your company, we will evaluate your present platform and develop processes which will enhance the holistic experience. By integrating the Genesys dashboard with improved technology and protocols, you will:

Improve CX Customer Channel Transition

Genesys enables your customers to navigate from one communication channel to another effortlessly, by easily migrating between chat, email, SMS, and live agents as necessary. This ability to switch between different channels leads to faster and more efficient resolutions, and alleviates confusion and frustration for your customers when they change channels. Through the platform, customer issues can be passed between channels seamlessly, without a reiteration of the customer’s concerns and questions.

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Give Your Customers the Ability to Choose Their Channel of Communication

Omnichannel Engagement allows customers to select their preferred method of contact with your call center. At Miratech, we leverage Genesys to ensure all of your call center’s channels are in place and integrated so your customer can individualize their journey as they feel comfortable. For outbound communications, the system will guide your agents in the ideal channel of communication for each customer, based on historical data and defined preferences.

Utilize a Single Routing Engine Regardless of Channel

The intelligent design of the Genesys single routing engine allows for a seamless experience regardless of which channel a customer chooses when contacting you. We have the experience to utilize this functionality and create a centralized database for your entire company. The database’s configuration insures availability on all channels and the ability to prioritize and route customers according to complexity and classification of issues.

Furnish a Consistent Experience on all Channels

The Genesys system ensures your customers have an equally satisfactory experience on any communication channel they choose when connecting with your call center. Our expertise helps improve your call center’s efficiency across the board. Now you can give customers the ability to resolve issues uniformly through all communication channels.

Ensure a Complete Customer History for Improved Agent and Customer Experience

Through integration with external systems, a thorough customer history is documented within the Genesys Agent Desktop, regardless of the communication channel. All communication is recorded for future reference, so at any point in the journey there will be a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s issue. This transparency is available to all channels, enabling fast solutions and eliminating customer frustration.

Miratech Makes Your Communication Seamless

We’ll provide you with everything you need to create open communication channels for your customers.  They’ll appreciate the choices that they are given and continue to choose your business. Let us use our expertise to create a seamless line of communication