By purchasing Miratech Services you (hereinafter “Client”) are entering into the Statement of Work (hereinafter “SOW”) with Miratech, Inc. (“Miratech”), being a legal entity under the laws of the State of Delaware, having its principal place of business at: Farmers Bank Building, Suite 1410, 301 N. Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware (each a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”). This SOW shall become effective upon the completion of transaction in Genesys AppFoundry (Effective Date). It is agreed between the Parties that this SOW is under and shall be governed by the Miratech Standard Terms for Service Delivery ( (“Standard Terms”).

This SOW sets forth terms and conditions under which Miratech will, for the effective term of this SOW, provide personnel (“Assignees”) of agreed type and level of competence or technical services to facilitate implementation of Genesys Cloud solution (“Project” or “Implementation”) and technical support (“Support” or “Day Two Support”) according to the Client needs as described in this SOW (“Services”). This SOW shall be effective starting on the Effective Date. The term of this SOW will be equal to the term of respective purchase of Genesys licenses. The services will start with the Implementation and will roll over to Support. The start date of Implementation is anticipated within 3-6 weeks from the SOW Effective Date.



1.1 Implementation

Implementation of Voice and Digital channels; User, Skills, and Queues configuration, call-flows; Skills-based Inbound Voice Routing, Voice Callback, Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI), Customer Identification/Verification with CRM/REST Integration; Voice Recording, Quality Management; Genesys Cloud Voice with optional SIP/PBX Integration.

The Project scope depends on the Genesys Cloud CX license level and includes the following:

CX-1: Service Level 1

  • Genesys Cloud Org Configuration
  • business units or divisions
  • inbound call flows developed up (5) tasks per call flow
  • Use of built in variables for simple softphone screen pop
  • queues
  • skills and wrap-up codes
  • sites configured
  • locations (directory)
  • schedules – open/closed/holiday/emergency
  • outbound campaign framework
  • hours of consulting and design review)

CX-2: Service Level 2

Everything included in the Service Level 1 Implementation package plus:

  • Queued callback configuration
  • Quality Management and Compliance
  • Line recording and policy configuration
  • quality management forms with up to (10) questions per form and (12) Calibrations
  • Email and Chat routing flow development
  • Additional queues – Skills / Wrap-up codes
  • Additional flow with built in variables with simple string parsing and screen pop
  • Native bot framework and integration setup for 5 intents
  • SSO configuration and setup

CX-3: Service Level 3

Everything included in the Service Level 1 and 2 Implementation packages plus:

  • Workforce Engagement Setup and workshop
  • Gamification metrics setup across (2) profiles each
  • Management units
  • work plans
  • service goal templates
  • Language for Transcription and speech analytics
  • deployment of topics and sentiment analysis
  • SMS flow setup and configuration
  • Messaging flow setup and configuration