Introducing ControlCX™: The Building Blocks for a Flawless Genesys Implementation

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Introducing ControlCX™: The Building Blocks for a Flawless Genesys Implementation

Project management is a key element of any Genesys implementation process, as every company sets out with the goal of developing, planning, and delivering their project on time and on budget. Unfortunately, a study by ZD net found that 2/3 of all IT projects fail. It’s not necessarily the strategy or vision that leads to failure, though. The majority of the time with Genesys implementations the problem is that project management tools are either inadequate or simply aren’t in place.

When it comes to the implementation of the Genesys platform within your company, there are key project management components that need to be secured and overseen during execution, developed from the planning stage. Below are the foundational building blocks your company needs for successful project management of your Genesys Engage implementation.

Control: The Foundation of Project Management
There are five essential building blocks that form the foundation of your contact center’s project control and management. Overseeing these components during your Genesys implementation project will guide the team toward their common vision and ensure everyone is on track, on time and on budget, at every step of the process.

Transparency – Being aware of each team member’s progress will help identify any issues that might affect another member’s task or the overall project’s outcome, as well as actions that may cause it to deteriorate or improve. With multiple teams working on projects, transparency between everyone’s work and the lead development team is the key to success.

Accountability – The ability to see everyone’s actions in real-time holds team members accountable and fosters responsibility and a level of commitment. It is easy to overlook accountability in software development, but without it product quality diminishes and the project inevitably suffers. It is important to allow your entire development team to be fully involved with the product from start to finish so in-house, outsourced partners and third party development teams can operate seamlessly and management can eliminate the “blame game” when problems arise. By maintaining a level of continuity, you can decrease the risk of failure by pinpointing where problems start and how to fix them before they affect the entire project.

Real-Time Data – With access to data in real-time, your company can make changes to its project path, instantaneously, toward a favorable outcome to avoid risks and issues along the way. This allows you to meet specified deadlines for your project. Use real-time data (budget, function point, readiness, velocity) to efficiently manage your Genesys implementation project in an agile approach to avoid any chance of deviation from your set plan.

Traceability – Keeping careful records of every stage of development will help define discrepancies and the root cause of an issue. If a potential issue is detected, you can look back to determine what action caused it, as well as the relationships between the various tasks of the projects. This allows you to determine the most efficient workflow and identify what needs to be improved in the project process moving forward; you can even eliminate future mistakes.

Readiness Model – A readiness model charts progress, illustrating statistical data to clearly identify deviations and areas of concern. You can determine the entire project’s readiness by establishing the scope baseline, tracking and measurements. This allows your project leaders to capture a full view of the project, and quickly pinpoint which tasks and features should be monitored or changed to ensure success.

Introducing ControlCX™: The Ultimate Dashboard for Risk-Free Implementation
Based on the building blocks of project management, at Miratech we’ve developed a proprietary process and dashboards to measure everything for Genesys project implementation. We call it ControlCX™. Developed over the past 18 years by our highly skilled team of engineers while working side by side with Genesys on the world’s largest implementations, it’s our proven formula for success – the ultimate solution for a risk-free implementation.

From development to execution, ControlCX™ starts with an evidence-based strategy and protocol that encompasses projections for future growth and charts progress along the way. It integrates your internal staff with outsourced engineers, as well as third party solutions, essentially forming a “dream team” all on track to a common vision and goal. This approach results in on time, on budget project delivery. Guaranteed.

In a contact center, we know making sure your IT project is a success will boost your company’s customer experience results. Whether you’re in your initial implementation phase, getting the core elements up and running, or you’re upgrading Genesys Engage to meet additional needs, ControlCX™ will allow for success at any and all stages of the process.

Here are some examples of ControlCX™ dashboards:

Readiness Diagram
This gives a managerial helicopter view which visualizes known or potential issues. By visualizing the issues, you can get a better sense of what you need to change for success.


Budget Outlook
Real time budget control allows you to always know where you’re headed, not just where you are. Don’t get stuck in one moment when you can plan for the future of your company.


Readiness by workflow
Project managers can localize an issue to the specific workflow or team. By doing so, we help you identify exactly who’s accountable and target your efforts towards the respective team to come up with solutions to properly implement Genesys Engage.


Implementation & Testing Process
Progress by workflow/solution easily identifies what is on the critical path. At Miratech, we help you manage Genesys Engage to bring about the best outcomes possible for your company.


Solution Implementation Velocity
This metric allows project managers to see the velocity trends and compare them with expected trends. This allows you to react proactively based on future trends. Help detect the future problems before they arise.


Customization and Integration Tasks Velocity
This metric helps to identify issues with personal velocity in the early stages, benchmark individual consultants and increase efficiency. With the ability to calculate velocity per consultant, we can help you maintain your company’s success and ensure that each consultant is aiding in the implementation of Genesys Engage.


A Flawless Genesys Implementation Is Within Your Reach
ControlCX™ takes almost all the risk out of your Genesys implementation. When 2/3 of all IT projects fail, ControlCX™ provides a 99+% success rate for the implementation of Genesys Engage. Now that you’ve seen the strategy, tools and dashboards, you can easily visualize how close you are to success.