Genesys Interaction Analytics

Genesys Interaction Analytics

Miratech helps you leverage Genesys interaction analytics and historical reporting to identify every point of contact your agents have with customers. This holistic approach aggregates individual touch-points into a full picture view, allowing you to gauge agent performance, call center trends and opportunities for improving processes and operations. Miratech engineers have worked alongside Genesys to develop their platform, so our expertise will ensure the system empowers employees and keeps customer interactions strong.

Use Incentives to Promote High-Quality Work

Miratech helps you setup your Genesys system to closely monitor agent performance. This allows you to reward your best agents and train those who may need to improve the way they are serving customers.  Rewards can range from preferred time off to awards to gifts, incentivizing your agents to always be at peak performance.

What Should The Agent Thresholds Be?

Miratech uses your rule-based service guidelines to determine employee thresholds that must be met. Within your Genesys PureEngage platform, we’ll show you how to navigate reporting, tweak rules of thumb and apply them to the specific situations at hand. Let your agents know exactly what needs to be done to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Prevent the Traffic-Jam That Results From the Issue-Based Funnel

Pin-pointing the root of high volume of calls is the key to improving workflow in your call center. With our help, Genesys system data effectively determines the core issue so that you make changes efficiently and prevent backlogs. Artificial Intelligence features like speech recognition and NLP (Natural Language Processing) enables the system to identify common issues and flag them, allowing your team to act on a solution immediately.


Don’t Waste Time Reviewing Calls

Reviewing calls is expensive. In fact, reports show that large call centers with millions of incoming calls per year can only afford to have supervisors review around 2% of calls – that’s only 4-5 per month! That’s why we set up Genesys to use categorization in addition to keyword search features in order to identify topics from agent interactions, and maximize value. Furthermore, new AI technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing) are able to listen to 100% of all calls, providing valuable feedback to agents and supervisors. Miratech helps you implement Genesys PureEngage analytics successfully because we’ve worked alongside Genesys engineers developing the software.

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Miratech lets you see the big picture so that your agents are providing the best service to your customers, quickly and affordably.