How Genesys Omnichannel Communication Is Revolutionizing Your Contact Center

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How Genesys Omnichannel Communication Is Revolutionizing Your Contact Center

In today’s world that is ruled by constantly changing technology, it’s hard to keep up with the best ways to communicate with your customers. Actually, it’s nearly impossible given that each customer has their own preferred channel of communication – they want to be able to reach your contact center on their terms. In the past, multichannel communication solved this issue, but now that customers have increasing demands (they want to switch between channels seamlessly), multichannel communication just isn’t enough. That’s why Genesys created an omnichannel experience for your customers.

What’s The Difference Between Multichannel and Omnichannel?
People often think multichannel and omnichannel are the same – they use the terms interchangeably – but, in fact, these are two different concepts. While they both indicate that the contact center has multiple channels for customers to reach agents, multichannel communication continues to keep information siloed. For instance, if you have a customer that reached out to you via email about a problem but they didn’t get a response right away, they might try to contact the contact center to follow up. But, with multichannel communication, it’s likely that the agent who picks up the phone doesn’t have knowledge of the email your customer sent, creating a negative feeling towards your agent. Now, if you had omnichannel communication, your customers would be able to reach out to you with an email, follow up with a text, get a phone response, and make a purchase on your website, all without having to repeat information at each step.  The information flows freely across all channels, keeping your customers satisfied with their level of service.

How Does Omnichannel Make A Difference?
Now that you’ve seen why most customers prefer omnichannel communication, it’s important to look at how it actually enhances the customer experience. Genesys’ omnichannel engagement offers innovative options for your customers and agents by leveraging the platform’s unique capabilities, including:

  • Journey Mapping: When you map out your customer’s journey from beginning to end, you can anticipate how they’ll get in contact with your contact center. For instance, if you just released a new laptop and you know that a lot of people will need to ask questions about it, you can look at your different customer personas and determine how each of them will prefer to communicate, so you allot the right resources to each channel. Millennials will probably want to text or use a chatbot, while Generation X will likely prefer to use the phone and speak to a person. Maybe your company just discovered a problem with one of your products and you’re expecting a surge of returns. You’ll want to make sure that customers can make returns online and over the phone, which is why omnichannel communication is crucial.
  • Customer Insights and Analytics: With Genesys Customer Experience Analytics, your agents can know which channel your customer prefers based on history. In addition, they can see past buying behavior to allow them to recommend new products or offer assistance with their current products. And now, your agents can know what to do prior to the contact taking place because they’ll have all the information about the customer at their fingertips with Genesys’ omnichannel desktop. They can start communicating with a customer on one channel and then easily switch to another without any information dropping off.
  • Self-service: A simple example of a self-service technique would be providing a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website. Instead of having to call an agent to get a question answered, customers would also have the option to leverage others’ questions and answers to come up with solutions to common problems. Maybe you think FAQ’s are a little outdated, well, you can also allow your customers to self-service via a mobile app, texting, and calling. The introduction of artificial intelligence has made self-service possible for things we never dreamed of. Now customers can make appointments, order products, cancel meetings and more, without even needing to speak to an agent. By offering self-service options through different channels, you give your customers multiple ways to get their needs met quickly.
  • Kate: Kate is Genesys’ blended AI solution that offers the benefits of machine learning, combined with human cognition to better serve your customers. With Genesys, you have all the information from your customers available at every step of the way. Whether it’s a bot or an agent servicing, your customer will rest assured that they can accomplish nearly any task quickly and easily. Kate can help your customers on any channel they choose to use and she manages to share all her information with the human agents, so if your customer really needs to talk to a person, they won’t have to reiterate everything they’ve already done with Kate. You can move forward in the process with all the knowledge Kate has acquired to provide a seamless customer journey.
  • Predictive Routing: With Genesys’ predictive routing capabilities, your customers’ calls, chats, and texts can all get routed to the right agent for the job. Rather than having a customer speak to multiple agents until they find the right fit, they’ll get matched based on their specific needs and the agent’s skillset…no matter how they choose to get in contact with your business. It can get confusing with all the channels of communication going at once, but Genesys ensures that calls, messages, and texts aren’t lost or routed to the wrong agents. Everything stays in working order, so your agents and customers are both supported.

When you decide to implement Genesys for your contact center, you’re equipped with the capabilities listed above. You can easily experience all the benefits of omnichannel engagement, without having to struggle through some of the greatest barriers that contact centers face. But, the Genesys software is complex, so you might need assistance leveraging all these capabilities to make the omnichannel experience seamless for your customers.

Miratech’s Expertise Is Your Solution
At Miratech, we’ve spent over 3.5 million hours working to implement Genesys for some of the most prominent companies, so we know we can make it work for you. We fully understand the software and we know all the capabilities and how to make the most of them to support both your customers and agents, increasing satisfaction levels on both fronts. We’ll customize your Genesys platform for your specific business needs so you can continue to provide the best customer service, no matter how your customers choose to contact you.

Miratech Helps You Transform Your Contact Center with an Omnichannel Customer Experience Using Genesys!