Get Your Failing Genesys Project Back On the Track to Success

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Get Your Failing Genesys Project Back On the Track to Success

We all know the signs of a failed IT project – endless excuses, delays, complaints – the list goes on and on… If this sounds like your Genesys implementation project, you may need rescuing. The first step is admitting failure, but then you need to reevaluate your project to get back on track.

Maybe you skipped a critical step in the process, maybe you rushed into things too quickly, or maybe you just didn’t expect what could go wrong. No matter your situation, if you go back to these four key elements, you can rescue your Genesys implementation project.

Readiness– Before you jump back in, is your organization really ready to implement Genesys? You might think so, but you need to assess your current state compared to where your organization needs to be in order to guarantee success. The requirements include not only available skills and resources, but a common vision for the digital transformation of your contact center. If you don’t know exactly what your end goal is – how you will improve your business process and the customer experience – there’s no way to stay focused and achieve it. Make sure your whole team, including both business and technical departments, is on the same page and working towards the shared vision throughout the implementation process. Of course, to achieve your goals and make your vision a reality, you will need the right team of people working on your Genesys implementation project. Specifically, you need the perfect balance of IT and business skills. The counterparts should be working together seamlessly to ensure the best results for your Genesys implementation and, if you don’t have the right skills and resources in place already, you may need to hire outsourced technical and/or business consultants.

Planning – You must have a solid plan in place before you start if you want your Genesys implementation to be successful. What is the team’s shared vision? What is the size of the project? What features are needed for your Genesys platform? Answer these questions before you start and you decrease the risk of falling off track.

But, it’s not just planning – it’s intense, precise, and exact planning to predict potential issues and avoid pitfalls and failures. At Miratech, we utilize a clear-cut, trusted method – measure seven times.”  That involves outlining every possible option for achieving each feature and then assessing them against seven key characteristics – vision, roadmap/sequence, complexity, resources/skills, size, time/cost, features/functionality and use cases – to determine which option is the best one to implement for your project. For example, you don’t want to be caught off guard by an unexpected issue, like realizing a different sequence of tasks is needed after you’ve already begun the process. Instead, knowing exactly what you need to do at each stage of the implementation project and who is in charge of each task will ensure the most efficient and effective strategy.

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Predicting Failure – After you’ve established that you are ready to implement Genesys, with your plan and team in place, it’s important to keep a keen eye out for any potential threats along the way. You don’t want to risk the failure of your entire project because you forgot to think about the small things that could potentially backfire. Have your team work together to investigate common issues that can occur and how to troubleshoot them before they happen. Even if it’s something that you think will never happen to your organization. Assess the risks of your Genesys implementation at each step to determine areas of potential failure – tight budgets, estimated completion times, complex features and tasks, and disjointed team collaboration. Identify the areas that leave you open to more risks and determine potential solutions before the problems arise. This will allow your team to anticipate difficulties and be more aware of the parts of the process that will require the most effort, focus and skill.

 Agility – Once you have the proper plan in place, you need to focus on agility. That means you should be ready to react to unpredictable changes in an innovative way. It’s about being agile as you continue to track the project. What if you start going over the expected budget? Then you need to be ready to make changes in staff or resources to cut that back. What if you’re falling behind the timeline? Then you need to gear up to make up for that time. If there is a problem, you need to be able to identify exactly who’s accountable and target your efforts towards the respective team to develop solutions to properly implement Genesys Engage.

You need to take advantage of the major project management components that keep things running according to plan. Use the key elements to keep your project on track – transparency, accountability, real-time data, traceability, and readiness model. It’s so important to ensure that your project continues to run according to plan, so that means planning the project management techniques before you start and implementing them as you go.

 Miratech’s Project Rescue: The Fastest Track to Genesys Implementation Success
So, what if you think your Genesys implementation is too far gone for you to save on your own?

Miratech’s Project Rescue can get you back on track fast, even if you’ve completely failed with your Genesys implementation. Our trained experts will audit everything that you’ve done so far, put a well thought-out plan in place, and implement the solution to save your failing project… quickly and efficiently.

Miratech’s agile strategy and proprietary tools and methodologies deliver 30-40% more efficient Genesys implementations compared to industry averages, based on ISBSG Industry Data. We also significantly reduce mistakes and rework along the way because we can actually predict the number of defects and outcomes, guaranteeing success and reducing defect leakage by 30-50%.

Once we get your Genesys implementation project back on track, we’ll help you stay there with our Control CX dashboard that allows for flawless project management. It’s our proven formula for success, developed from working side by side with Genesys engineers and completing over 3.5 million hours of Genesys implementations for some of the world’s top Fortune 100 companies.  Together, our teams can monitor everything from one interface, to make sure your Genesys implementation remains on the path to success… on-budget and on-time.

While two thirds of all IT projects typically fail, Miratech succeeds 99% of the time. If you think your Genesys project is failing, or things just aren’t going according to plan, save your organization time, money and stress by taking advantage of Miratech’s Project Rescue to get you on the road to success.

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