Genesys Predictive Routing = The Perfect Customer + Agent Match

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Genesys Predictive Routing = The Perfect Customer + Agent Match

While queue-based or skill-based routing relies on static decision-tree logic, Genesys Predictive Routing uses historical data and AI capabilities to automatically match the perfect agent to every customer who contacts your contact center. This enables you to reduce customer handling time, significantly enhance sales and marketing efforts, and overall maximize revenue.

In a continued effort to keep customers at the center of contact center operations, Genesys Predictive Routing allows for enhanced personalization and improved first touchpoint experiences by predicting the optimal agent to best serve each caller. Customer data is analyzed – including attributes like call and email history, previous requests, and behaviors – to determine the best agent match and automatically route the caller to them. For example, if a customer submits feedback with a low rating due to an agent’s slow manner, the next time that customer contacts the contact center, they will be automatically routed to an agent with a track record of fast handling times.

When customers are immediately directed to an agent that is able to best serve them, it can help sell more services or products, and even improve your NPS (Net Promoter Score). The flexibility of the Genesys platform, and the Predictive Routing feature, allows for custom configurations that can be set to help you reach these business goals. And, the process of agent and customer matching continues to improve through machine learning and predicting outcomes through modeling within the Genesys system.

The process of Predictive Routing is complex, but it’s completely transforming the way contact centers operate.

How It Works


  • Customer Profiles – Through AI, the technology looks at customers’ past purchases, preferred channel of communication, service requests, recent activity, and any other data that helps build a complete customer profile.
  • Agent Profiles – The next step is combining the information from the customer profiles with agent profiles. These agent profiles should include information like tenure, knowledge, handling time, skills, etc.
  • Prediction – The combination of the customer and employee profiles allows the technology to accurately predict the right customer-agent match that will lead to the desired results.
  • Data Update – As your customers continue to communicate with your contact center and take action, the information in their profiles constantly updates, just as the agents’ profiles begin to encompass new skills and abilities.
  • Improve – With the continuous source of data, predictive routing works to improve each customer’s experience, leading to increased satisfaction and ultimately driving sales.

Agents Can Benefit Too!
Since agents and customers are matched based on specific relevant criteria, your agents will feel more comfortable working through each interaction because they are capitalizing on their specific skill set. This also lets you know what agents are struggling with so you can determine who needs more training in which areas. Furthermore, you can make the optimal schedules based on which types of interactions may arise during specific times and ensure that you have the right balance of knowledge and skills working when needed.

Implement Predictive Routing with Miratech
While Predictive Routing is a newer feature of Genesys, Miratech has been exploring the feature and its possibilities along with the emerging real-time data and AI technologies that continue to offer transformative solutions for contact centers and the customer experience. With Miratech’s leading expertise with Genesys, we are sure we’re the perfect partner to help you implement the platform and its features, like Predictive Routing – whether you’re ready to start implementing Predictive Routing, or you are just starting to learn how it can be leveraged in your contact center.