Genesys Architecture And Design

Genesys Architecture And Design

If you want to achieve long-term success with your Genesys Implementation, you need to have the proper architecture and design in place.  Miratech learns your processes and how they will be distributed on the hardware to best develop a strong technical foundation.  If you over-build, you’ll waste money, but if you under-build you’ll fail to serve the customer properly and stress out the agents and support staff. We’ll guide you through the process and make sure your system has high-availability, meaning that it is always operational and running at peak performance.


Optimize Your Footprint

Not too big, not too small – make sure it’s just right. Architecture is an evolving and living entity, and as resources become more efficient, you have the opportunity to consolidate.  Miratech helps you evaluate your growth rate, and limit and expand your service areas to ensure the highest availability for your Genesys platform.

Own A Piece Of The Cloud

Miratech helps you identify when to keep data on premise, when to leverage the cloud, and when to utilize a hybrid model. Where is the perfect blend of resources? You might find that highly secure data is better kept on premise and non-critical data gets stored on the cloud. Are your resources knowledgeable to maintain the applications on premise or will you use the cloud to balance the internal skill level you have or to manage the complexity and volume of work? We provide the flexibility you need and we help you evaluate your decisions.

Miratech Helps You Make The Right Decisions

With our 20 years of experience working with Genesys and implementing it for Fortune 100 companies, Miratech knows how to address all your architectural and design problems efficiently.  We’re here to help you choose the right design for your business, optimize it, and keep it 100% operational.

Reduce Operational Complexity

When Miratech helps you choose the appropriate design for your system, you’ll see that it requires fewer updates and changes as your needs evolve. Your call center’s operations will be simplified in a way that eliminates excess stress for your staff. You’ll never have to worry about your system failing. Miratech’s ControlCX can help define the least complex solution for each system requirement.


Disaster Planning And Recovery

Miratech helps you identify redundancies, such as:

  • Process redundancy
  • Data length redundancy
  • Carrier redundancy
  • Channel redundancy
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Data center redundancy

High availability clustering offers you a solution that provides you with business continuity. Failure is inevitable whether it is under your control or not, so let Miratech help you find solutions to your architectural and design issues.

Let Miratech Help You See The Future

Miratech helps you know what lies ahead with our predictive routing solution that uses customer history and trends to predict the future. We take your business to the next level by leveraging Genesys to revolutionize your customers’ experiences.