Genesys Employee Engagement Solutions

Miratech knows that managing your call center employees effectively leads to a positive experience for all. We’re here to help your agents support their customers and maximize efficiency. Genesys gives your agents the tools and information they need for all customer interactions. We’ll make sure your data is always up-to-date and your reports include the proper information. Miratech technical consulting services using ControlCXTM ensures that your Genesys implementation goes perfectly so you can keep your agents delighted and fully engaged so they can keep customers happier.

When implementing Genesys, Miratech focuses on five proven solutions that streamline development and maximize agent effectiveness and satisfaction. Putting all of the powerful solutions within Genesys the hands of management and workers:

Genesys Omnichannel Desktop
View all of your customer-agent interactions on a single interface. Reduce agent effort and improve performance and employee satisfaction.
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Genesys Workforce Optimization
Schedule your employees to reduce unproductive time and capitalize on their skills. Act on trends in real-time to reduce managerial resources needed.
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Genesys Quality Management
Determine opportunities for improvement and automate repetitive issues. Catch errors and build solutions into long-term training for agents.
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Genesys Interaction Analytics
Aggregate individual points of contact for a full view of interactions. Identify agent thresholds and get to the root of any backlog.
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Genesys Back Office Task Integration
Allow a seamless handoff of information between the back and front offices. Use automation and self-service to notify customers of status changes.
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Let Miratech Lead You to Your Vision

Miratech can pave the way to your goals quickly and efficiently. Our highly skilled engineers use proprietary Managed Competence Center to maintain control throughout the process, while our Predictive Testing model allows us to anticipate roadblocks and clear the way to your objectives.  We guarantee success and on-time delivery – every time.