How to Avoid a 48-Hour Call Center Outage

How to Avoid a 48-Hour Call Center Outage

48 hours. Not that long right, just two days, your average weekend.

48 hours of downtime would have cost one of the world’s largest tourism-real estate rental services over 15 million dollars.

The smallest of oversights in practice would have allowed for a vital Genesys certificate to lapse, resulting in a total shutdown of call center operations. The decentralization and sheer variety of certificates meant that to go through their certifications line by line would have taken upwards of a month.

We found a solution. Saving 48 hours and over 15 million dollars.

Our quick reaction and in-depth knowledge of the Genesys platform has proven time and time again to be further proof as to why we are one of the worlds leading Genesys service and implementation providers.

To read how we rescued this multibillion-dollar company, download our case study here: