Genesys Back Office Task Integration

Genesys Back Office Task Integration

Miratech makes data move effortlessly between agents. So, when a customer contacts the front office of your call center, agents communicate and collect information to coordinate efforts with all back office operations. And, in just one click, information is updated in real-time to notify client-facing agents of back office updates to relay to the customer. Our ControlCXTM Dashboard allows us to help you streamline your Genesys implementation, ensuring your complete operations are connected seamlessly and efficiently.

Keep Your Employees Informed to Provide the Best Customer Service

When Miratech fully integrates your Genesys system, regardless of where information originates in a process, agents are easily able to provide the customer with an up-to-the-minute status of their request. The front office customer agent is enabled by seeing an accurate status of all back office functions right within their agent desktop in real-time.

Efficiently Notify Customers of Any Changes

Miratech helps you use Genesys PureEngage to automate notifications to customers, using their preferred channel of communication. Notifications may include changes within their account, new products or services, order updates, scheduled appointments and other important information. This enhances the customer experience by ensuring that your customers are always informed.

Always Know Expected Time to Completion

Miratech configures your Genesys system to enable your agents to keep up to date with customers’ self-serving actions. We’ll keep your agent-customer interactions transparent, so agents can always view the customers’ history and expected time to completion for requests or actions, as well as steps left in the process.

Don’t Waste Time Taking Repeat Inquiries

When Miratech properly implements Genesys, you prevent repeat status inquiries. We’ll help you decrease customer service volume, streamlining the work. Rather than handling things manually, now your agents can easily control and monitor tasks including setup, history and modeling.


Take the Next Steps for a Successful Genesys Implementation

Let Miratech integrate Genesys PureEngage in a way that connects your front and back office seamlessly.