Authenticity And Security for Genesys

Authenticity And Security for Genesys

Miratech knows that your need to have strong authentication, but at the same time, you don’t want to make interactions more difficult for your good customers – we understand how to create the perfect balance. Nothing kills customer experience faster than an improperly designed authentication and security protocol. And, nothing hurts your brand more than a security breach. Let Miratech bring you the best of both worlds. With our CyberCX service, we can harden your Genesys system.

When should an agent be involved?

The authentication process involves having a customer first use self-serve and then an agent reconfirms the identity with the same condition. At what point can you confirm that you have the right person? What is the rule and process to streamline the authentication point? When Miratech helps you minimize customer effort, you’ll see that customer satisfaction rises rapidly.  We help you seamlessly move the authenticated data to the agent, creating a perfect handoff throughout the interaction. You’ll only need to authenticate the new information, such as credit card information, which can be sent to an automated system to avoid agent fraud. Instead of spending excess time going over the same information again, you can streamline the process and improve the customer experience.


Save Time – Automate Authentication

Miratech helps you create a self-serve model so that customers can self-identify. There are plenty of options:

  • Log into a mobile app
  • Face recognition
  • Touch recognition
  • Voice authentication

By automating the authentication process, you allow agents to spend more time actually solving issues, which improves customer satisfaction.


Miratech CyberCX Assessment Methodology

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Stop Fraud with Automated Authentication

Miratech helps you identify fraudulent numbers, by utilizing third-party solutions. We’ll help you set up the process to ensure that based on fraud scores, high probability calls are routed to trained fraud agents. Activity issues can define potential risks, such as being locked out of an account or having unusual credit card activity. Miratech helps you identify these risks and come up with proven solutions to prevent them from occurring again. We also incorporate AI solutions to streamline the authentication process. Your customers will love the faster response time, and you’ll appreciate the lower handling cost of each incident.

Design for the Highest Level of Security

Miratech ensures that your applications and processes are compliant. For instance, if you’re handling health or patient data, you must comply with HIPAA and HITECH, and PCI compliance is necessary for applications that require payment details. Financial data must comply with the EFTA and any information related to minors must comply with the COPPA. Let Miratech confirm that all policies are enforced and applications and processes used are fully compliant.

Rules for Risky Interactions

Each industry has its own unique risks, and Miratech has seen it all. We have the ability to bring our experience to solve the unique risks your company encounters. We’ll help you implement rules where you identify gaps for a security breach and implement rules where you see specific risks. You’ll create thresholds to identify fraudulent cases, risky agent behavior or risky accounts. Where there’s opportunity, there is risk, so we’ll help you automate rules-based thresholds.

Let Miratech Ensure the Security of Your Genesys System

Miratech has worked alongside Genesys engineers for over 18 years, so we have the expertise necessary to harden your Genesys system. We pride ourselves on our 99% success rate implementing Genesys for some of the most prominent companies. Let us help you take your security to the next level.

Let Miratech Help You See The Future

Miratech helps you know what lies ahead with our predictive routing solution that uses customer history and trends to predict the future. We take your business to the next level by leveraging Genesys to revolutionize your customers’ experiences.