“4Pm” is Critical for Genesys Success

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“4Pm” is Critical for Genesys Success

If you haven’t heard of “4PM” it’s because we created it here at Miratech! It’s a strategy that combines the critical elements needed for a successful Genesys implementation and the meticulous planning and management practices Miratech has developed for our projects. 4PM stands for PEOPLE, PLANNING, PROCESS, PLATFORM, and MIRATECH MANAGEMENT.

As you can see, most of these have nothing to do with the Genesys technology itself because technology alone does not equate to a successful contact center. It takes much more to drive efficiency and a great customer experience than your software alone. And, after 3+ million hours of installing, customizing and operating the Genesys platform, we know exactly what it takes to guarantee the success of your project.

Possibly the most important element, your people are the key to the success of your Genesys implementation. With so many different aspects of a project of this nature, each person on your team plays a significant role in the process.

From the very first step of creating the vision for your organization’s customer experience, the executive team must develop the strategy that will become the foundation for the Genesys technology. In order to enable that vision through the Genesys platform – and keep it running smoothly – you need a team with technical excellence to implement it, including a stellar DevOps team. And, to ensure the vision is carried out each day, your agents must be prepped and primed to utilize the Genesys platform in order to deliver the best possible experience to each customer.

To guarantee the success of your Genesys implementation, you must spend the necessary time developing a plan. Often times, companies will jump right into the implementation process without taking the necessary steps that are required beforehand. Planning involves mapping out your project timeline and budget, team roles and responsibilities, the sequence of events, necessary features and configurations, technical and security requirements, and most importantly, foreseeing potential risks that can be avoided. It is the precise and careful upfront planning that will put you on the path to a successful Genesys implementation.

The process of a Genesys implementation can be a rigorous one. There are many different things that need to be done, but the order in which they are completed must be considered. One of our proven processes is to first find the most effective and efficient way to execute each feature with the least amount of complexity. It is essential to compare every potential solution for each task in order to reach an expedited execution and lowest cost per deliverable. This will ensure the entire implementation process is remaining as efficient as possible from start to finish.

When you choose Genesys as the technology that drives your contact center, you will have the ability to leverage its many modules as well as customize the platform to fit your needs. As you continue to improve your customer experience, you’ll want your platform to evolve with it. However, sometimes the flexibility of the Genesys platform causes some contact centers to run into some big issues. Make sure your technical team has the expertise and security in place to avoid any configuration issues when implementing new features or customizing the platform.

Miratech Management
When managing a Genesys implementation, there are several moving parts so it is important to make sure everyone is on the same page and collaborating harmoniously. At Miratech, we’ve found that transparency, traceability, and accountability are some of the most important parts of keeping the implementation project on course. That’s why we created Control CX. So you can keep a close eye on the progress of your Genesys implementation compared to the original plan to track the status of timeline and budget as well as any potential risks along the way to avoid failure. That is the power of Miratech Management – avoiding risks and issues before failures can even occur.

Miratech Helps You Get 4PM in Place for Your Genesys Implementation
Whether you’re just beginning your contact center transformation with Genesys or your implementation project needs rescuing, Miratech can ensure the platform is successfully installed from planning to completion. With our unique processes and tools, our meticulous approach to technical projects promises to deliver your Genesys implementation on-time and within budget, throughout a seamless process.