4 Simple Tips That Will Guide You through Genesys Documentation

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4 Simple Tips That Will Guide You through Genesys Documentation

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about proper Genesys exam preparation. Afterwards, I received a lot of private messages about where I got the Genesys documentation and additional materials. I’ve decided to give you more info on this question so you could pin it somewhere for future use.

The most important rule for anyone working with Genesys solutions is to learn how to use the site. To facilitate this task, I want to share some important links:

1. Video

Sometimes it’s better to see than to read or hear. In the Video section, you will find useful video tutorials for almost any product.

2. Genesys Configuration Options

A quick search will help you find all the parameters for a given product — for example, a quick search for the desired values and their description. This is the most useful link, one you could use daily.

3. Genesys System-Level Guides

In the Genesys system-level guides, you can find system-level information about the Genesys operating environment, supported media interfaces, product availability, interoperability, licensing, hardware sizes, database sizes, and migration. Without this information, it is simply impossible to build a fault-tolerant and secured Genesys environment.

4. Genesys Release Notes

Here you can find information about fixed bugs, extensions of functionality, descriptions of migration to a new version, or security updates changes between the release and the previous versions of the desired product. Hope you find this short guide useful!

Good luck!