Genesys Customer
Experience Solutions

We help you develop a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers to ensure they remain at the center of your call center operations.

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Genesys Employee
Engagement Solutions

We know exactly how to maximize your employees’ skills and improve workforce efficiency to deliver exceptional experiences and support to your customers.

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Genesys Planning
& Technical Services

From architecture & design through complete integration with all internal systems, our technical expertise guarantees the success of your Genesys implementation.

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Why Miratech?

Miratech operates the largest Genesys competence center outside of Genesys, since 2000. Today, we employ over 200 dedicated Genesys consultants and engineers worldwide, supporting many of the largest installations at the most recognized world leaders in retail, telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, and government. With 3+ million hours of installing, customizing and operating the Genesys platform we have a proven success record of beating schedules, budgets and accelerating ROI.

Why Miratech? Because our Relentless Performance guarantees your success.

Two Thirds of All IT Projects Fail,
So Why Do 99% of Ours Succeed?
Relentless Performance
Miratech’s Technical Excellence Guarantees a Successful

Your team has worked endlessly on building the vision that will forever improve your customer experience. They’ve selected Genesys as the tool that will enable that vision. But what insures a successful Genesys implementation?

  • The technical excellence that comes from 20 years of developing the core code side-by-side the Genesys team.
  • The experience from supporting Genesys implementations worldwide, including the top 10.
  • Miratech tools like Control CX™, which provide the transparency and accountability to track the features and tasks across the entire project, allowing management to view real-time data on budget, time to completion, and quality.
  • The leadership Miratech provides across teams to focus and achieve the results required.

Miratech supports complex Genesys PureEngage installations, as we thrive in the complexity most other companies are challenged with.
Contact us today to see how we can expedite your Genesys implementation to help your company achieve the customer experience vision your leadership has defined and your customers demand.

Your Success Begins With Miratech’s Relentless Performance.

Ready For A Successful Genesys Implementation?

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